Hodge Street Build

Overlooking Lake Sambell and the township of Beechworth on a North facing sloping block, this contemporary Australian 3 bedroom home sits elegantly and proudly above the streetscape.

With the thought of living in the home for a while to come, young couple Scott and Airlie put a lot of time into the design and enlisted the services of Sunjoule Architects to make sure this house serviced them well for the years to come. It’s sustainability features along with mixed building materials have made a very comfortable and easy to run home.

Thermal mass, solar hot water, solar energy supply and tankwater used for toilets and the laundry; double glazing and low-e glass on the Western side of the house are all part of a well-designed package that has more than satisfied the needs of the clients.

We enjoyed this project so much that we are now working with Sunjoule on another project that we’ll be sure to display on our website when it reaches completion.