Railway Avenue Build

‘Tree-changers’ Peter and Bernadette were thrilled to move into their new home in 2013. After a collaborative effort designing the building plans, the outcome is a single bedroom double storey living wing, and a two bedroom ‘retreat’ with a kitchenette, linked by the decked breeze-way. The retreat was a must have for visiting children and their partners to have their own space when in town.

The house has been orientated close to North to take in as much natural light as possible. Underfloor insulation, double glazing, effective cross flow ventilation and efficient wood heating are all aspects of the economic running of this house.

Timber floors, island and servery benches tie this home into the country town landscape, while a bright green entrance door individualises the home and makes it very easy for Peter and Bernadette to explain to their visitors which house is theirs!